Side Effects - What you need to Know

The supplement resveratrol is naturally found in nature & has been with us for a very long time - so long in fact one could say millions of years! In nature this compound is manufactured within plants as a protective agent, & inChemical Molecule for Resveratrol... times of stress a plant will produce this substance in large amounts, & it functions in the same way as an antibiotic works within us. In nature it is called phytoalexin & is used as protection to fight against pathogenic stressors.

 This potent herb is found in the largest amounts in foods such as peanuts (0.3 - 1.28mg per 180 grams of boiled peanuts) & grapes, but even so, the concentrations are still way below the therapeutic dosage now suggested by recent research - unless you plan on eating a LOT! Nowdays, we have formulations available that contain the appropriate amount of Trans Resveratrol all in the convenience of a capsule. Generally speaking the optimal amount per day of this supplement is not entirely known, but with time further research will provide us with a more exact dosage.

In animal studies to date (which include small mammals such as the humble mouse all the way up to the Rheuss monkey that shares a considerable amount of our genetic makeup), this supplement was found to have a very positive effect against inflammation, & even cancer as well. It was also found to actively promote cardiovascular health & lower blood sugar levels, with the most relavent findings being the following;

In animal experiments thus far (including mammals ranging from the humble mouse all the way up to the genetically similiar Rheuss monkey), this compound has been found to have a very positive effect against cancer and inflammation. It was found to lower blood sugar levels and to promote cardiovascular health. The most pertinant findings pointed to;

  • A reduction in cholesterol levels
  • Reducing vascular tissue inflammation
  • Assist with bone health, density, thickness, mineral content & volume
  • A lowering of cataract formation
  • Enhanced nerve coordination & motor neuron function
  • Improved skeletal muscle & liver function, whilst mitigating fatty tissue deposits 

(These results were reported on July 3, 2008 by the US National Institute on Aging, NIH News, U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services)

Side Effects that Have Been Associated with Resveratrol

This bio active compound is still in its infancy regarding clinical testing, but as time goes on more & more information will become available to us. It has only been less than 10 years from the time that this supplement was discovered, but with what has been discovered already about this amazing compound is very compelling indeed! Still, it s important to be a little prudent at times, & this is why we have compiled the most common side effects below. Though virtually all people who use this product only experience positive effects, at times some may experoence the following; 










Upset Tummy - This is generally the main concern for those who are deliberating whether to use this product. The most common source of this active compound is from the Japanese Knotwood plant. Whilst containing very high levels of Trans resveratrol, it also contains small amounts of Emodin. Historically Emodin has been used for treating constipation & pain related diseases, not to mention its use medically as an effective tumor inhibitor! As a rule this is only an issue if the purity is less than 50% - the higher the percentage of refinement, the lower the amount of emodin. Learn more about the effects of emodin & how it works...

Solution:  Our formulation only contains a Trans Resveratrol of high purity - 98% & above. This means that virtually ALL emodin is removed during processing - so no upset tummies!


 (extra alertness) - Some individuals have initially had issues with sleeping, as the product can increase alertness. Generally this quickly subsides within a period of 4 - 6 days, & is thought to be a by - product of one's nervous system adjusting to the resveratrol molecule within their system.

Solution: If one takes the supplement earlier in the day, & not prior to bed - then much of the sleep related issues will not be a problem. 


Minor Cold or Flu Like Symtoms -

As mentioned earlier, this supplement activates the immune system. This can at times trigger slight flu & cold like symptoms until such time that the body acclimates. Initially this compoundcan suppress activity of B, T cells & macrophages, as is reflected by a slight reduction in proliferation, lymphokine & antibody secretion. Anto RJ, Mukhopadadhyay A, Denning K, Aggarwal BB. Curcumin (diferuloylmethane) induces apoptosis through activation of caspase-8, BID cleavage and cytochrome C release: its suppression by ectopic expression of Bcl-2 and Bcl-xL. Carcinogenesis. 2002;23:143–50

Solution: Such symptoms generally balance out after 5 - 7 days, & tend to manifest only in individuals who are ingesting large doses from the onset (1000mg & above). If daily doses are kept below this amount then there will unlikely be any of the above mentioned manifestations.

As with most things in life, moderation is the key. If you keep to the recommended dosage then virtually all of the above mentioned side effects will likely not occur. 


Listed below are further scientific studies outlining the safety & efficacy of this powerful extract;






Resveratrol - Compilation of Evidence Regarding Safety & Effigacy... This .pdf contains a number of studies pertaining to the mechanics of this compound & how it effects different biological pathways within the body.

Phase I randomised double-blind pilot study using Trans R (SRT501) in patients with hepatic metastases - safety, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics... This is a study supported by Cancer Research UK, and outlines the associated findings of the research.

LifeExtension - Living Longer, Healthier Lives with Resveratrol... David Nayor & Dale Kiefer have researched the Trans Resveratrol compound for the Life Extension publication (LE Magazine Febuary 2008).

Review of Toxicology Literature... The National Institute of Envrionmental Health Sciences outlines the mechanics of this potent molecule in relation to biology & such.

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