Resveratrol has Become one of the MOST Researched Supplements in Existance....Freqently Asked Questions

 What do I need to know?

Socrates once said, "Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.."





Where does  this potent supplement come from?


The Resveratrol extract (3,4,5 - trihydroxystilbene) comes from a class of compounds that are polyphenolic in nature, & are commonly called stilbenes. A little confusion surrounds the different types of this extract, as there are two types - the "CIS" & "TRANS" type. The most bioactive & expensive type is Trans Resveratrol, & is generally derrived from the Japanese Knotwood plant (Polygonum Cuspidatum). The Cis type is generally extracted from the by product of food processing that contain small amounts of this substance - but in a substantially less potent form.

It is interesting to note that Resveratrol is manufactured within plants as a direct response to environmental & physical stress, fungal & bacterial infections. The main reason why the Japanese Knotwood plant is cultivated for this "trans" type of resveratrol is because it contains the most potent & bio active variety of this compound.


Why are there two types of resveratrol?

In nature both forms of reveratrol exist - being the "trans" & "cis" types. Both types are powerful in their own right - but the greater bio activity only truly happens with the "trans" resveratrol. The "cis" type is still a powerful antioxidant & will positively affect the body,  At the end of the day it always comes down to price & the bottom line - but if you are serious about this product, be sure to do your own due diligence before purchasing & make sure you source the Trans type of resveratrol. Our formulation uses ONLY Trans resveratrol - please see our lab reports & documentation.


Is using resveratrol Safe?

Over the past decade the resveratrol compound has been extensively researched, & after much investigation this supplement has been found to be safe within animal studies - though for a final verdict within humans we need to await the conclusions of human studies. At the moment there are more than 12 human clinical trials in progress, with a majority being in phase 3 of testing - all without issue. So far the results for humans has been encouraging, & at the moment there are no known contraventions for the use of resveratrol. But as with all types of supplementation, there are risks - so be sure to visit your health care professional if issues should arise.

If you still have reservations please read through the following .pdf document that outlines the mechanics of how the resveratrol supplement works within the body. Is Resveratrol Safe - Nutrient Interactions & Toxicity Research Communication


What types of exipients are within your product?

Our resveratrol product does not contain unecessary fillers such as oatbran, quercetin, silica & other such additives. This may make for a product that is more difficult to encapsulate, but also results in a product of higher quality.


What is the best dosage?

It is currently not known what the optimal dosage of resveratrol is within humans - though upon the conclusion of current studies this will become more clear. Be sure to follow the recommended dosage & if issues arise then be sure to visit your health care professional. Many manufacturers of this product will suggest a higher optimal dosage, but again - it usually is the "cis" resveratrol, which requires a much higher dose in order to derrive a therapeutic effect.


What quality control Specs does this product meet?

Our resveratrol product meets & exceeds all mandated requirements, whilst beingGMP, HACCP & TGA Certified.


Will resveratrol contravene my other medications?

No, resveratrol has not been found to contravene nor interfere with traditional medications.