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Trans - Resveratrol Capsules (Vege - caps)

 Trans Resveratrol 420mg per serving - Extracted from the Polygonum Cuspidatum Plant...

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Aust L No. 197382



Our premier Trans Resveratrol Vege Capsule product is formulated for those who require the uttmost in quality from their supplements. Each serving will provide you with over 420mg of the Potent Trans Resveratrol extract.

Note: Our pricing is among the most competitive in the marketplace, with each bottle containing 60 Trans Resveratrol filled capsules. Many competitors provide a lesser quality product with half the amount of capsules!

Aust L No. 197382

 420mg of Polygonum Cuspidatum Sourced
  Trans - resveratrol per serving!

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    4 bottles (get 2 free) AU$120.00 - save $108.00!         


Please Note:

The cofactor (excipient), used in our formulation is the anti oxidant packed grape seed extract - a powerful polyphenol that typically retails for approximately $30.00 for 100mg capsules (60 - 90 capsules). Learn more about this impressive supplement at grape seed extract

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